Why are we so fascinated by hair color?

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What is the most dramatic and wonderful thing that you can do for your hair-COLOR!

What is the most devastatingly horrendous thing you can do to your hair…again, color! Nothing holds such potential to be utterly unnerving as bad hair color. In response to color gone wrong, I repeatedly hear these very same words (even by the most self assured) when faced with a hair color disaster… “I just can’t venture out of my home like this. I will have no credibility.”

But… let’s look at haircolor at its best.

Years after sitting across from a young woman in a waiting room, I still remember finding myself totally captivated by the beauty of this woman sitting before me. It was because I was so captivated that I began looking closely at her face. To my astonishment, without her hair, her face was rather ordinary. What gave her such a ravishing aura, one that permeated her entire demeanor, were two things. First, her hair was lush to be sure and obviously manageable, but what carried the entire impression to another level was the glorious color of her hair.

This was my first realization that hair color could have such impact. Hair color can often be the single defining element in creating an unforgettable impression of beauty; one where the entire impression made by the color outweighs any other single feature. I am delighted to say the next example was a color client of mine. This person stands out in my memory because of the effect she had on men. In her presence men were without exception, at full attention over what they described as an absolutely dazzling red head. Without her hair and hair color she would still have been attractive, but I thought, nothing special. Again, this woman’s hair was lush and manageable but again, it was clearly due to the color, that she made such a striking figure.

The most dramatic example however of noteworthy belles to forever be etched into my memory, and primarily because of their hair color, was another client of mine. This was a dark skinned clothing model from the garment center of Manhattan. She was American Indian by ethnicity so dark skinned, toned and athletic, but with shoulder length and very pre-maturely white hair. (The hair color was subtly toned by me to soften the total effect). Because her hair color was so unexpected and was in such contrast with her dark skin color and her youth, the effect was nothing less than absolutely startling, but it worked. Because her color was unique and surprisingly natural hers was an image never to be forgotten.

All of these are examples of attractive women made into memorable beauties that one simply cannot forget. I remember them now years later and all are memorable for one reason alone. Their haircolor made them unforgettable.

Is it any wonder we are so fascinated by hair color? I think we all recognize intuitively its powerful transformative ability. Provided of course, we place ourselves in the proper hands.