Is it worth paying for a haircut at the hair salon?

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Well…I am not sure how to answer that question when it is put like that but here is a report from a client of mine who does find the cost of my haircuts at the hair salon worth both the bother of scheduling and the tariff involved. Keeping this in mind… this was not always the case.

This client, a man who I regard as typical of one who is not a candidate for my expertise has this to say.

He considers his hair a nuisance. His idea was to just get it done as painlessly and cheaply as possible. To him this had, until now, meant no appointment and as cheaply as possible. Sound a bit familiar? Is he not the typical guy? After all he is a science nerd who is not vain enough to care what he looks like.

But…his wife who came to me first does care how he looks; so after much pressure by her came to me. He drove 20 minutes (unheard of) to the salon, scheduled an appointment and paid a whopping $45. Oh you should have heard the drama of all he had to say about this! But pressured by his wife he kept coming.

He has been coming to me now for about nine months and guess what? He has become aware that for every two to three haircuts he used to get he now only has to get one. He has discovered that the old cliché saying:

“Of what is the difference between a good haircut and a bad one?”

Answer: “about two weeks” has proved to be untrue.

That bad haircut does not grow out in two weeks but in fact gets worse and worse with the passage of every day. So the bargain haircut has turned out to not be such a bargain after all. My haircut of $45.00 is about the same cost as two and a half of the $17.00 haircuts he used to get. So the cost is about the same. But in addition since he does not have to come to the hair salon as often the inconvenience of scheduling is offset by the freedom gained in having my cut keep his hair manageable enough to go much longer between cuts. One last thing I would not consider a selling point but it is a factor none-the-less or at least for some; having developed the relationship that comes with seeing only one stylist, he finds he enjoys the rapport that has developed and this in turn means he now looks forward to his appointment time rather than dreading it so much.

Although he will still not admit to being vain enough to care what he looks like, I suspect this is not entirely true. After all he was getting his hair cut because it bothered him. Now it does not. I think it fair to say paying for a salon haircut has changed his relationship with his hair.