Hair colorists like men; sometimes we trust the wrong ones.

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I have as a hair colorist observed a very curious phenomenon. Again and again, the same person who is afraid to trust a qualified professional with their hair color will trust themselves, their girl friend, their next door neighbor, anyone it seems except, that person who is truly capable. Why I can’t help but ask?

I don’t believe it is because we don’t care that we display such poor judgment, but the rational mind convinces us that even if we don’t get the desired results, at least we did not have to pay good money. Somehow we tell ourselves we can live with the hurt better if we do it to ourselves than if it was done to us.

OK let’s take a closer look at this. Fearing being victim to not getting what we want by a stylist or colorist, we proceed to sabotage ourselves and thus ensure we give ourselves just exactly what it is we are afraid of from a professional (and usually much worse). It is then we seek comfort in the rational that although we got these less than wonderful results we are still able to feel good about saving ourselves money. Kind a crazy don’t you think?

The really crazy thing is I recognize this behavior. I personally chaff at the idea of wasting resources looking for that needle in a haystack of a person who is just right for me. But is this really the best way to look at things? Indeed, I went recently to a chiropractor who was all wrong for me. In fact I gave him a fair chance by giving him three tries. By three tries it was clear that things were not only not improving but getting worse and I ran as fast as I could. Still as a result, I got a referral to one who is able to really help me, but in addition has done so painlessly and quickly. This person is actually only the second chiropractor I have visited and I love her. I grown trust her implicitly.

Now, looking at the big picture, I found my needle in a haystack on my second try, so as it turns out, not exactly a needle in a haystack. Initially I went to the first person who was convenient and whose price was right. I became more discriminating in my approach after that. In fact if I think more about it…whenever I have done my homework (because after all I do tend to be wary) listened to my gut instincts and not chosen until I was sure about who hands I had in fact turned myself over to; whenever I have approached my search for a service in this way…the provider has more than met my expectations.

It is true that finding yourself in the wrong hands can be painful and expensive. I think that is why maintaining professional relationships are so very important. A good colorist will save you time, money and most importantly the health and well being of your hair (not to mention your sanity). So my suggestion is even if you visit the salon infrequently, a hairdresser you trust is among those key relationships we should all maintain; especially in hard economic times.