Help! How Can I find a New Hairdresser?

As a professional I am often asked “how can I go about finding a new hairdresser?” This is a question I forever find difficult to answer. After years of being asked this very same question, I still have no formula. Moreover, I personally have been faced with this dilemma and... read more

Beauty and the Best

Want to put to rest those bad hair days? When coloring your own hair, doesn’t it fall short of how you want it to look? Some TV “experts” recommend doing it on your own to conserve your already stretched budget. To get the preferred color–and best in hair maintenance–you may... read more

Getting Back To Natural Hair Color

One of the most common color challenges is the client who has been lightening to a pastel blond for years now want to return to her natural hair color. While it is possible to simply stop using hair color, letting her natural hair color grow out, it can take months... read more

Why are we so fascinated by hair color?

What is the most dramatic and wonderful thing that you can do for your hair-COLOR! What is the most devastatingly horrendous thing you can do to your hair…again, color! Nothing holds such potential to be utterly unnerving as bad hair color. In response to color gone wrong, I repeatedly hear... read more

What are Ombre Highlights?

A variation of Balayage is Ombre. A variation of Balayage is Ombre. If you don’t know the word you probably still know the look because it’s everywhere in the press and is now being seen as the newest trend sweeping Hollywood. Ombre was developed in response to recreating that natural... read more

Hair colorists like men; sometimes we trust the wrong ones.

I have as a hair colorist observed a very curious phenomenon. Again and again, the same person who is afraid to trust a qualified professional with their hair color will trust themselves, their girl friend, their next door neighbor, anyone it seems except, that person who is truly capable. Why... read more

Hair salons price vs. value?

Finding your hair salon for the best value where it counts most– hair color. Finding the right hair salon that perfectly fits your hair color needs can be a daunting task, after all there are so many to choose from. What makes a good salon and what makes a good... read more

Is it worth paying for a haircut at the hair salon?

Well…I am not sure how to answer that question when it is put like that but here is a report from a client of mine who does find the cost of my haircuts at the hair salon worth both the bother of scheduling and the tariff involved. Keeping this in... read more